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Why Solar?

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Solar power is one of the most affordable ways to generate electricity today. There are zero emissions generated when utilizing it, and solar panels have no moving parts, which means nothing to break over time. That’s why most residential solar systems will provide electricity in excess of 50 years. You are guaranteed high production for 25 years from the date of installation and have free monitoring included to ensure everything works well 24/7/365!

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Did you know that pollution from coal-fired power-plants is one of the biggest causes of disease and death in the modern world? Which world would you prefer your kids to inherit? The amazing part is, you can be part of keeping the world cleaner and healthier for future generations while actually making money! Stop throwing away your hard earned money for electricity when you can make it yourself from the sun and boost the value of your home in the process!

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*** Do it before it’s too late! Government incentives are set to expire, and we all know that prices keep going up with inflation. Don’t wait for the next rate hike. Get your rate locked in without spending a dime and generate your own power! ***

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